Who we are

Admission Overseas is a prominent global education EdTech company that utilizes cutting-edge technology to successfully enroll a diverse pool of international students to our partner institutions. We are dedicated to enhancing the student recruitment process through our AI-enabled platform, AdmitOffer.com, which streamlines the application process and matches student profiles with the right institutions. Our commitment to promoting diversity in education has established us as a leader in the industry, and we take pride in our success in helping students achieve their educational goals.

Headquartered in Canada with operations in the USA, India, and Nepal, we are supported by a worldwide network of counselors and educational agencies who recruit thousands of students each year..

At AdmitOffer.com, we aim to solve the problem of the highly fragmented and inefficient admission process for over 5 million students from developing countries studying abroad each year. In addition, we recognize that institutions face challenges in recruiting diverse students due to limited budgets, teams, and cultural barriers, while agents struggle with a lack of information, process knowledge, and communication barriers with colleges. To address these challenges, we have created a groundbreaking platform that empowers agents to easily manage multiple student and university applications, promoting diversity of students in institutions.

Our platform is built on solid industry experience, on-ground student enrollment and admission process knowledge of destination countries, AI matchmaking of student academic profiles to admissible programs, and metaverse technology that allows networking of colleges and agents to train counselors. With data democratization, automation, and innovative metaverse technology, we offer a fast, convenient, and efficient process that increases agent revenue and student enrollments, making us the preferred choice for agents and university partners alike.

We have gained significant traction in some of our biggest markets, such as the USA and Canada, which are top destinations for international students. In the US, over 49% of institutions use agents for local support and student enrollments. Similarly, in the UK, 95% of institutions rely on agents, while Australia and Canada both see over 80% of institutions utilizing their services. AdmitOffer.com is the go-to platform for international student counseling, offering a streamlined solution with proprietary algorithms, analytics, and an end-to-end process that sets us apart from the competition.